David Alive

 David Still Alive!

After some very difficult moments, with regards to the trespassing of my parents, I decide to reopen David Lepine Certified Irrigation Technicians and to offer my faithful and humble services as they once where known to those of you that are still owner of a system that I have created over the past 2 decades.

I will always find way to honor all my engagements, like I did before I shut down after the cataclysm.  So if any of you previous friend, clients and fellow gardeners are still around it will be an honor to serve you as I once did and meet the new home owner that might like to get an idea of what involved in the creation of an automated watering system.

I learned quite a bit more since the last time we saw, I even worked for the Artificial Turf Industries to see how they make these wonderful patch of green that don’t need to be watered.

But that said I continued with my own passion too and developed many more idea and prototype.

I have opened Nuclear Farming ( https://nuclearfarming.ch ) to branch these ideas of Comfortable Sustainable Housing located in the heart of your business “earn where you live and live where you earn” is kinda the motto of this branch and perfected many other solutions to incorporate a live in bioreactor to all that is required for a sustainable family of the future and also to make retirement something to look for, and also assembled an gave birth to the Leonardo Da Vinci Mechanical Tree, which filter the air and water like natural trees use to do for us.

That said, this site is for the Irrigation part of my services and soon I will bring back all the work and web design I previously done and guarded on a backup in case I reopen this branch of services.

So for now if you request my skill and professional attention to help you with a system I created for you a while ago, or if you happen to be the owner of a home that had one of my creation before or if you are looking for some maintenance work, consultation or guidance feel free to contact me.

It will be an honor to help you.

As far as newer installations are concerned, I could still perform some smaller scale work like on an acre or so, (4 to 6 zones), but for the larger system, or if you need an artificial lake with 5hp pumps installed, I won’t be able to do so this right now.

I have applied to the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Ottawa to do my first cycle on paper after so many cycle in the field, kinda the opposite way but, I believe that I have much more to learn still and share and offer to this world that is in dire need of some real sustainable ideas and workers, so that is the main reason why I won’t be able to do much more than maintenance (open close) including some consultation and minimal new installations.

I could be reach via email at davidlepine@certified-irrigation-technicians.ca or by phone at 613.508.1002

Best Regards,

David Lépine

Happy Spring 2018.