Our Mission

The mission of David Lepine’s Certified Irrigation Technicians is to enhance the value of your home by automating, it’s landscape watering and lighting requirements! In order to leave you more time for the other tasks required to make your investment thrive. 

David Lepine and his staff will provide you with an honest, straightforward, practical, long lasting and cost effective irrigation solutions, through the use of water conserving equipment, and technology while maintaining it to it’s optimum level for you.

One of our purposes is to raise awareness of responsible and sustainable water resource management by providing design, installation services and operational management of irrigation systems. 

We are committed to the following:

  • A highest level of professional integrity and transparency in all of our operations.
  • A responsibility to support our 5 years parts and labor.   
  • A responsibility to your satisfaction!. with our 30 days Money Back Guarantee

Our Profile

If you want a good irrigation system, built right the first time, with excellent service and workmanship all at the right price?

David Lepine’s Certified Irrigation Technicians Inc. can help you  manage your water resources effectively and maintain your project’s landscape at its optimum level for years to come..

  • We provide written quote as well as a written contracts.
  • We provide you with a 30 days money back guarantee.
  • We provide you with a five years parts & labor warranty, which is conditional to a bi-annual maintenance contract for the length of the warranty.
  • Our price per residential winterization and spring startup is $200 per year plus tax for the Ottawa-Gatineau region. 
  • We provide you with precise As-built drawings.  
  • The staff is knowledgeable in the use of multiple irrigation systems, pumps,  water hardness and rust control systems. 
  • Key member of our staff are certified in residential and commercial irrigation installations through the Landscape Ontario Association.
  • We are well prepared and equipped to provide services relating to all facets of irrigation, including design, installation with minimum disturbances, maintenance and management.
  • We include proper backflow devices in all of our systems..
  • We’ve worked with Artistic Landscape Design for many years.
  • We are an Hunter Preferred Contractor.
  • We works with a variety of clients including homeowners, project managers, landscapers, landscape architects and general contractors..
  • Our clients range from homeowner to general contractors.

 and they are generally interested in:

  • A quality oriented company, with trustworthy individuals who understand what they are doing”.
  • A water efficient irrigation system which specifically address plant requirements, while minimizing watering cost.
  • As-Built drawings.
  • A good warranty, service and most of all a well maintain system.
  • A decent price with no hassle! 




We, David Lepine’s Certified Irrigation Technicians Inc, do hereby guarantee the satisfactory operation of all work and apparatus installed and supplied by us, and shall replace forthwith, at our own expense, any part that may fail or prove defective within a period of 5 years after the installation, always providing that such failure is not due to accident, vandalism, abuse, misuse, natural or personal disaster, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification*

We believe that you should be 100% satisfied with our services, that why we offer you our 30 days money back guarantee!

“Our 5 years parts & labor warranty is what tell you how much we believe and how proud we are in what we do for you! Believe us we don’t want to go back in the re-open the ground afterward to fix something that could of been installed properly the first time”  

*Note that this warranty is only valid if we maintain the system on a bi-annual basis for the length of the warranty, price per year for residential is $200.00+taxes for Winterization and Spring Startup.

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David Alive

 David Still Alive! After some very difficult moments, with regards to the trespassing of my parents, I decide to reopen David Lepine Certified Irrigation Technicians and to offer my faithful and humble services as they once where known to those of you that are still owner of a system that I have created over the …


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